How old is the children's scooter suitable for playing?

Children's scooter and roller skating, can exercise the baby's sense of balance, sensitivity and coordination. The difference is that roller skating mostly relies on limbs to maintain balance, while children's scooters rely on two hands to grasp the balance, and the overall coordination of body, waist, arm and leg.
Age of adaptation:
Children over five and a half years old can learn children's scooters. Before learning, it is better to have the experience of riding tricycles, which is convenient for the baby to master the handlebar skills and control the steering of the bicycle; after using the scooter, the baby can quickly master the method of bicycle sliding, which is helpful for riding a two wheeled bicycle in the future.
Sports Requirements:
Hold the handle of the Children's scooter in both hands, and do not need to be too tight, so that the handle can move back and forth to adjust the direction; one foot stands on the board of the children's skateboard, and the other foot pedals backward on the ground. After the car starts to move, the sliding foot on the ground is lifted or placed on the board; the faster the frequency and the greater the strength, the faster the scooter will go; if you want to stop the child scooter Step on the brake slowly and wait for the car to stop before landing.
Children's scooter