What should be paid attention to when using the stroller?

The best time for the baby to ride in the stroller is 30 minutes to 1 hour each time, not too long.
When pushing the baby for a walk, if the baby is asleep, he should lie down, so as not to overload the waist and be injured.
Before use, check the safety of baby stroller, such as whether the nuts and screws in the car are loose, whether the reclining chair is flexible and available, and whether the wheel brake is flexible and effective. If there is a problem, we must deal with it in time.
The baby must fasten the waist safety belt when sitting in the baby stroller. The length and size of the waist safety belt should be adjusted, and the tightness should be put into the adult's four fingers. It is better to leave 3cm at the end of the adjustment part.
Where there is a slope, the baby stroller will slide and overturn automatically, causing injury to the baby. It is better to install the brake device; when the baby is sitting on the car, the mother is not allowed to leave at will. When you have to leave or turn around, you must fix the wheel brake and make sure that it will not move before leaving.